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Keeping Your Well Water Safe

If you own a well, or use water from one, you want to know that the well was built by a licensed well contractor and is being maintained according to provincial requirements.

A well that is properly constructed and maintained protects your water from contaminants, both above and below the ground. This, in turn, protects you and your family from potentially serious health and safety hazards.

Your well is your legal responsibility

If there is a well on your property, you are legally responsible for it, so you should be familiar with the laws that govern well construction, maintenance and abandonment.

Ontario’s Wells Regulation (Regulation 903) and the Ontario Water Resources Act cover all wells, including:

  • public and private​
  • municipal and rural
  • agricultural, commercial, and industrial
  • test holes and dewatering wells

The regulation and act set out minimum requirements for siting (choosing a location), constructing, maintaining, and abandoning (shutting down) wells. They also set out licensing requirements for well contractors and technicians.

Ontario’s Wells Regulation aims to protect the health and safety of well owners and users, as well as our shared groundwater resource.

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Well Owners

You must maintain your well to protect both the well water and groundwater from contamination. This includes:

  • taking the actions necessary to prevent outside materials (including surface water) from entering your well
  • knowing when to abandon your well (generally when it is no longer being used, and is not being maintained for future use)

If issues with your well arise that you cannot resolve (or choose not to resolve), then you must abandon the well immediately. Such issues include a well that:

  • produces mineralized water
  • produces water that is not potable
  • contains natural gas or other gas
  • permits any movement of natural gas, contaminants or other materials
  • is not constructed according to Ontario’s Wells Regulation requirements

When a well is abandoned, it must be properly plugged and sealed, as set out in Ontario’s Wells Regulation (Regulation 903).


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